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Top 10 VIP?s universities in the world

Normally, attending a university course means that you have to comply with the formal and traditional rules of that university. However, there are some strange universities in the world showing off abnormal rules for best self-expression, freedom of students in order to pursuit and explore knowledge. Those strange universities can be called VIP universities because their students are VIPs. Those VIP students are not obliged to attend fixed courses; besides, they freely show their creativeness. Let’s explore the strangest universities in the world.



Savannah State University is famous for higher education of art. Students paints on their faces and ground in annual Art Fair



Vassar College is the leading coeducational liberal arts college founded in 1861. There are some strange clubs such as cappella (without music) and quidditch. This is the picture of famous singer Andy Warhol on this college’s wall



University of California, Berkeley is the paradise of eccentric students founded in 1868. It’s the image of a student staying upon a tree during 21 month in order to prevent tree logging



Rhode Island School of Design is the world top university of art and design founded in 1877. Michael Townsend- a famous artist is decorating the wall also graduated from here



Oberlin College is a private liberal art college in Oberlin, Ohio which went priority in allowing both female and male students



Sarah Lawrence colleges permits students to choose the courses of study most useful for them. This is the university for VIPs such as the famous politician Rahm Emmanuel and Japanese artist Yoko Ono



New York University is the cradle of famous movie stars and film makers. It’s the image of two well-known film makers Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese



Bard college which was founded in 1860 specializes in liberal art. The principal of Brad- Leon Botstein stands in musical laboratory designed by the former student- the talent architect Frank Gehry.



Wesleyan university is famous for its strict education programs and exciting musical show. Here are the images of MGMT musical band’ members Andrew Van Wyngaren and Ben Goldwasser



Hampshire College was founded in 1970, considered to be a typical experiment in alternative education. A teaching assistant is controlling a robot squirrel

Raheja Vedas Gurgaon

The real estate market of Gurgaon is welcoming new residential projects every day. These projects are being built up with modern style of architecture and being built by different names of Gurgaon. These projects are being offered with new features as never before experienced by any one of us. The real estate market of Gurgaon is all set to welcome a new revolutionary residential project over there. The project is being launched by a very well known name of Gurgaon ie by the Raheja Developers. The project which is being launched by them is being popularly known as the Raheja Vedas project.

The project is being offered to you in 3 bhk of residential apartments plan. This project is located at sector 108 Gurgaon. The IGI Airport is located at a distance of just 9 km away from there. Thus, you will get an easy connectivity to Delhi from there. You will also get an easy reach from the Ring Road of Gurgaon from here. The project is being offered with all the basic amenities of living such as round the clock water supply, power back up and tight security around the apartments. The interiors are being given an attractive look by using high quality materials in their construction. You will enjoy a luxurious standard of living over here, as this project has also been equipped with some of the luxurious amenities of living such as swimming pool, club house, landscape garden, etc. The company has kept the price range of this project as very affordable as compared to its features. You can easily afford to buy an apartment over here, at a price range starting just from Rs. 3500 per sq ft onwards.

Now, every eye’s dream of leading a luxurious lifestyle can be fulfilled with the Raheja Vedas project of Gurgaon. The Raheja builders are being popularly known for turning dreams into reality. The Raheja Vedas project is going to prove it again. So, have you planned to get all your dreams fulfilled by the Raheja Vedas project?